Bleaching is a topic I am commonly asked about. Does it work? Is it harmful? Will my teeth look like Chiclets? Yes, generally speaking it works. No, it’s not usually harmful and the result is pretty natural looking. The real question is, how long does it last? We are so eager to find a quick and easy fix to improve our appearance. Teeth whitening is similar to a haircut. Does your hair stay freshly cut after a few weeks? Probably not. Well, your teeth don’t stay as white as immediately after bleaching either. Upkeep is the key. Bleaching treatments performed in the dental office are a good way to boost the process and give a nice immediate result. Regardless of the system used, daily or weekly upkeep is necessary to maintain a brighter than natural color. Whether it’s a bleach pen or trays, fairly frequent upkeep is needed to maintain the initial level of white achieved by the in office treatment.

There are always exceptions to the initial questions posed. Is bleaching harmful and does it work? Bleaching can be harmful for someone with decay and/or poor home care. It also doesn’t always work on all teeth. One person’s teeth may lighten (or not) markedly different than the next. Teeth bleaching can be equated to tanning. You start with a certain color that predetermines your end result.

I hope this is helpful. Feel free to send ideas for topics and questions you might have!